Thursday, June 9, 2011

ICH GCP requires EC members to be independent of investigator and sponsor to avoid conflicts of interest

Can an Ethics Committee member e.g. layman/chairman or anyone in the committee participate in the trial as a subject?

If an Ethics Committee member becomes a trial subject on a trial that he/she was involved in approving then there has been a major conflict of interest. The following situations need to be considered:
● IEC member reviews study without any prior knowledge of the study, votes, and then afterwards is approached by clinical research team to participate. Possibly this is OK but the member should no longer be part of the IEC that reviews that study. This will be difficult in practice, so therefore it is not advisable.
● IEC member already knows about the study and is voting in order to be able to participate. This is clearly not acceptable and made worse if there is additional financial incentive for the study (e.g. volunteer study).

ICH GCP requires Ethics Committee members to be independent of the investigator and the sponsor to avoid conflicts of interest.

Is it mandatory to have a qualified pharmacist for pharmacy activities like for dispensing?
Chetan Shingala
I assume your question pertains to site. As per ICH-GCP, the site can have a pharmacist or another individual for IP related responsibilities. See below.

4.6 Investigational product(s)
4.6.2Where allowed/ required, the investigator/ institution may/should assign some or all of the investigator's/institution’s duties for investigational product(s) accountability at the trial site(s) to an appropriate pharmacist or another appropriate individual who is under the supervision of the investigator/institution.